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Hi WFH Warriors!

I am so glad that there seems to be a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel & that more communities are carefully adjusting to our new normal. Lots of corporations have grown accustomed to this new normal. They have benefitted from the money saved in overhead and rent as well as the maintenance (and in some cases, the increase) in productivity from our workaholic co-workers.

Many companies have chosen to continue working this way & I, for one, am happy with this decision. More and more employees are making the switch to work from their home offices, many professionals will find themselves on a video conference.

virtuoso video conference display unit

On-screen virtual backgrounds are fun to change and play around with, but not always without drawbacks. Some users find that movement ruins the virtual effect, while others have webcams that don't support virtual backgrounds at all. A friend of mine, who is a teacher, recently told me that her district's student Chromebooks don't support virtual backgrounds either.

Lighting issues, trouble with virtual backgrounds that blend into your real one (or the odd occasion where you suddenly turn into a cat) are other issues many remote workers experience. In my case, my daughter was playing with my video conference settings and turned on the lipstick feature. I could not figure out how to remove the bright pink lipstick that moved around on-screen with every word as I taught a Sunday School class. :(

What if you could appear on-camera with a great looking background every time, no matter what?

 Introducing Virtuoso, the future of video conferencing backgrounds.

Virtuoso is your solution to effortless on-camera professionalism. With Virtuoso, you can present a polished look without the digital hassle.

I love working from home & my goal is to create a system to make my home office run like clockwork. This is my new favorite Home Office Essential. Virtuoso adds a modern design element to help you create a stylish, professional working environment, without spending hours selecting the perfect accents. This is perfect for me because I like for my surroundings to look chic, but I don't have the decorator skills to achieve the look I want.

Setting up the Virtuoso is super easy - simply connect the clearly marked sections of the sturdy aluminum alloy frame and base then attach the high-quality, wrinkle-free, anti-glare material onto the frame to achieve the optimal appearance every time. It's quick and there's no need for special equipment or lighting.

It's scenic design provides an efficient and reliable alternative to virtual backgrounds. It's sturdy frame and wrinkle-resistant fabric will always look great on-screen regardless of the lighting, the type of camera you're using, or the colors in your home’s background.

What's is one of your Work From Home Essentials? Leave a comment below and  let me know.

Click this link to select the Virtuoso that fits your style and personality.

On-camera professionalism without the digital hassle.

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