7 Tips For Working From Home (while balancing a busy life in 2021)

Hi WFH Warriors,

I wanted to take a moment to offer some work from home tips that I have found to be helpful. As you know, our goal, here at 5th & Wimberly, is to create a home office environment that is healthy, functional, comfortable and peaceful. Here are some tips to do just that:

1.  Design Your Workspace

Create a designated work zone in your home. Set aside a space (away from distractions) where you can focus and get into work mode.

If you can, stay far away from distractions in your home by utilizing or creating a dedicated workspace. Having a space to work that is separate from where you relax is helpful to maintain some semblance of a work-life balance. If you don't have a separate room designated as your workspace, consider using a room divider to intentionally set aside a space that is just for working hours.  

2.  Create a Schedule

Plan to wake, exercise, eat breakfast, dress, begin work & take breaks around the same time each day. Getting your routine started early will give you the best chance for a productive day.

Plan out your day in advance. It's helpful to make a schedule to increase productivity. You can also set daily goals by focusing on three big tasks a day.

3.  Celebrate Small Wins

Set goals & feel great achieving them.
Start your day/week by creating a prioritized list for the day. Add the high priority tasks to your day's schedule to ensure you have time to complete them.

Whether they are significant goals or small wins, it's a good feeling to be able to look back over all the accomplishments you have made to see your progress.

4.  You Deserve a Break

Work-life balance is never more vital than when you are working from home. Carve out time each day for brain breaks - take a walk, meditate, play with your kids or pets, or create your own way to step back from it all.

Everyone needs a break sometime. Don't forget to take a fiver so that you can relax & refocus.

5th and wimberly work from home tips

5.  Tap into Your Resources

It's ok to not have it all together & feel overwhelmed. Reach out to to a counselor or trusted friend to discuss how you're feeling.

Working from home can feel isolating. Voicing your feelings can help release stress. It is important to be intentional about reaching out to friends and/or trusted advisors to stay connected & improve overall mental health.

6.  Create a Vibe

Create a work-from-home playlist that will energize you throughout the day.

If listening to music while working is not a distraction, add songs to your lineup that you love. Jam to classical, easy listening, hip hop, or whatever you enjoy...just don't forget to turn it down for meetings ☺

7.  Stay in Contact

Keep your employer & co-workers aware of any changes that may affect your productivity.

Give colleagues a heads up, if you anticipate potential distractions, to ensure that all bases are covered.

Do you have a dedicated home office space? How do you maintain a healthy Work/Life balance?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

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